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A womb for an adult
Premiere: 10.12.2021 20 Uhr
Weitere Vorstellung: 11.12.2021 20 Uhr
Eintritt 16€ oder 10€ ermäßigt Reservierung: kontakt@theaternebendemturm.de
2G (vaccinated or recovered) rule will be in place. Please bring your proof and ID.
A Womb for an Adult” is a dance performance, where the main focus is drawn to re-creating a body and a space: a body in space, but also space as a body generating a particular sensation. The stage setting is thought of as a space deriving its meaning from two places that are inherently interconnected: a construction site and a playground. The piece is proposing an extensive panorama permeated with bodies and objects through which the performers are exploring a visual dramaturgy of a playground. While interacting with objects that inhabit the space and are conceptually divided into tools and toys, the performers challenge the act of laboring and transform it into an act of playing. As a consequence of the movement, polymorphic relationships are appearing from which a variety of different sounds are produced.
Am 11.12. um 19:00 Uhr findet vor Viktorija Ilionaskas „A womb for an adult“ ein Konzert in der BaariBar statt (die Bar des Theater neben dem Turm). Tickets für das Konzert müssen nicht zusätzlich gebucht werden, sondern sind automatisch im Ticket des 11.12. enthalten.
Kristin Gerwien singt und spielt ihre Songs mit E-Gitarre zusammen mit Benjamin Brejon, Perkussionist und „Loopman“ des französisch-portugisischen Noise-Kollektivs „Mécaonaphère“. Gerwien und Brejon finden sich an diesem Abend für ein erstes gemeinsames Konzert zusammen.
The drums, the bees and the bones
Maybe we could speak once on the phone
I can tell you that I throw with stones

By Viktorija Ilioska and Katja Cheraneva, Gry Tingskog, Herbert Graf, Max Smirzitz, Patrick Faurot, Felix Schwarzrock and Frithjof Gawenda. Documentation by Svenja Polonji and Merthe Wulf.

Special thanks to Amina Szecsödy-Olsson, Amélie Haller, Ana Dubljevic, Dushica Nofitoska, Nastya Dzyuban, Carina Premer, Biljana Radinoska, René Alejandro Huari Mateus, Lee Mun Wai, Sven Rausch, Rodrigo Andreolli de Campos, Viccy Link, Lara-Marie Weine, Nora Schneider, Nikolas Stäudte, Elena Light, Anna Lublina, Simon Zeller, Maren Küpper, Katrin Hylla, Olga Schreiner-Augustin, Rose Beermann, Bojana Kunst, Frankfurt LAB
In cooperation with the Hessischen Theaterakademie, Theater Neben Dem Turm, Lokomotiva-Centre for New Initiatives in Arts and Culture, and MA Choreography and Performance.