Everyone is talking about Heimat.We also do.

In the first part of our three-part series on home, ham, mountain and valley Rolf Michenfelder does not just work on a recital with a multilingual choir. What's that supposed to be, damn that home? Even after surveys and interviews, it remains a mystery ...
Created with and performed by: Rolf Michenfelder, Nisse Kreysing, Steffi Tauber
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„The refugee question has become universal. It requires a review of the self-understanding of states, that is: the idea of ​​a state people living in state borders whose borders are guaranteed by the state
The inability to live of this form of government in the modern world has long been proven, and the longer one clings to it, the more evil and reckless the perversions of not only the nation state, but also of nationalism will prevail. The concept of sovereignty of the nation state, which originates from absolutism anyway, is a dangerous megalomania under today’s power relations. Xenophobia, which is typical of the nation state, is so provincial in today’s traffic and population conditions that a consciously nationally oriented culture is likely to sink very quickly to the level of folklore and homeland art. Real democracy, however, and perhaps that is the deciding factor in this context, can only exist where the power centralization of the nation state has been broken and replaced by the federative system’s own diffusion of power into many centers of power. „Hannah Arendt