Künstlerische Leitung

Does love happen? … it happens. 

Two men and their rituals.What is happening?The saddest song, for example, ever written. Oh yes ... "As if he knew when writing that's exactly how we feel later. " A broken table tennis ball. And the moment when the mixtape is no longer useful, that you have recorded especially for her.
In addition, a village pub, a childhood dream, red wine, Catherine Deneuve. An old portable radio, finnish tangos and a sausage glass with serving suggestion. A huge white cabriolet that drives through the sleet with its top down because the man does not find the button that closes the car roof. A woman in the slaughterhouse, then cleaning, then Politesse. We stay together forever.
"That was meant seriously. I felt. Can still remember me well. I cried." Two cowboys, a young epileptic prostitute, a philosophizing pimp and a blind pianist, who has seen everything ahead and knows that things will not turn out well. "There are things you do not decide on. It has nothing to do with decision-making. "
Does love happen? Maybe you ask now. Happens!
An evening in four parts, inspired by a song, a movie, a novel and a pub.
Texts & staging: Rolf Michenfelder With: Nisse Kreysing & Rolf Michenfelder Film team: Steffen Schmidt & Clemenz Korn (splendid spots film production) Host: Larry Guttmann