City of dead

a play developped with children
„First of all you have to get out of the grave. It s muddy cold, not cosy at all. get out of here. If you managed to dig through all the mountainthen you see stairs and there is a sign and written on it: city of dead.Firts you have to go to Hotel Chillen. There you can recreate from years and years of exhausting life. About three hours.Then your house will be showed to you. Mine is a house with other girls. From here you can see the garden of memory, here at this tree for example , there hangs a memory whre I saw a chewing gum vendor.“ (Juli, 8)
Lisa Schwalb (ongoing project) and Katrin Hylla worked with kids between 7 and 12 years on a miniature city in an afterworld. The children invented a lot of absurd places and stories like the garden of memories, a place called Ä where everyone looses all his memory, rivers of lava – attention! – all shown in a live video performance. From all the research materials Lisa Schwalb and Katrin Hylla will continue creating a play with the kids. Premiere: Mai 2019.


Created with and performed by: Samia Elissaois, Marie and Juli Grosse, Mio Maximilian Gehle, Mattis Brand, Olivia Kaiser-Schröder
Artistic direction: Katrin Hylla and Lisa Schwalb (ongoing project)
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