Scores for yearning. The concert

April 06th, 2019, 08 p.m.
TNT, Afföllerwiesen 3a, 35039 Marburg
This evening is a sensual and poetic journey towards revealing different kinds of intimate desires of both performers and the audience. The desires that appear and disappear in different forms, shapes, and sounds.The Stage is a black box, with all its theatrical and illusionist potential. Only the hollow sound accompanies the public while entering. Uncontrollable silence resounds on stage through the duration of the whole performance. It emphasizes the turbulence zones in and between the sounds activated by the performers’ bodies and their movement.  The performers are contained in objects, the objects contain performing bodies and sound.Two performers activate the space and objects, which appear gradually through the choreographies of scores. They create parallel levels of visual and acoustic signs that changes what was heard and seen a second before.
For reservations dial 06421-62582 or write to kontakt@theaternebendemturm.de
Entrance free of charge
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