Heimat or the island of the fortunate

2nd meeting of the alternative Ministry of Home Affairs
May 8th, 08.00 p.m.
Beyond a folksy concept of "Heimat", the TNT together with interested citizens, artists, new and old Marburgers, holds meetings of a diverse and alternative ministry of home affairs.
In dealing with the notion of "Heimat", we have moved into uncertain terrain, and it is becoming increasingly clear to us how far the association space associated with "Heimat" can reach, how individual the connotations associated with that word are. Something has become clear to us: "Heimat" is a place of longing, which, in thoughts filled with nostalgia, is drawn as a blurred image. A place of childhood, experiences, socialization. But also a non-place, inasmuch as home can be found in the language, the music, in a certain meal or smell, in other words in not geographically contoured landscapes.
Places, societies, personal reference points and horizons of experience are constantly changing. So the concept of "Heimat" seems to be increasingly connected with the feeling of permanent loss. This makes "Heimat" a dangerous word, when it is upgraded to a political weapon, 
addressing the with fear of loss infected and furious AfD voters and Pegida masses.
With the second meeting of the alternative ministry of home affairs the TNT embarks on a tightrope walk between the precipices of utopia and dystopia, exploring the dangers, hopes, opportunities and lost opportunities in the valleys of both sides.
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