in the red cube

technical direction

Siggi Ulm

office & support of the artistic team

Charlotte Bösling
Theater neben dem Turm (TNT) is located in a former gas works close to the train station in Marburg (Germany). Founded collectively in 1983 TNT is neither a primarily curated institution nor merely organizer of events. We do everything by ourselves, sharing the space with other actors. Therefore everyone involved, takes a part of the responsibility for rooms, environment and people. 
We are looking for new artistic positions, which is for us inseparable from the discourse about working structures and the conditions of production. Artists, performers, actors, producers and technicians participate equally. 
TNT doesn’t want to be a holy temple of internal debates about theatre and art, but rather aims to open up for all social groups, questions, discourses and realities in Marburg and beyond. Besides theatre and performance, TNT provides spaces for dance, installations, audio walks or site-specific artworks.
The team members of TNT also realize their own productions. They develop projects with kids and teenagers, organizes festivals with the local performance scene, support young artists and coproduce. TNT is the only research residency of the national network Flausen – young artists in residence in the federal state of Hessen.
We have extensive experience with hosting different performance collectives and theatre groups (i.e. acteasy, a youth theatre group of the home for the blind Blista)
Additionally important is the cooperation with the city theatre in Marburg and the students from the Universities of Marburg and Gießen. 
Our major concern is to support up-and-coming artists from the region and to establish working conditions for experimental ways of working. We want to give room for try-outs with uncertain outcomes. As initiators we aim to produce conditions for the independent art scene that are not determined by apparatuses but by the needs of the artists and their works. The focus is not only on the product, but on the whole process. Discussions about the work are an essential part of our cooperation.
TNT is subsidized by the city of Marburg and ran by: Rolf Michenfelder, Katrin Hylla, Kristin Gerwien, Charlotte Bösling and Siggi Ulm.